It is absorptive and colloidal clay which is used as a sealing agent or as of drugs. Neelkanth Minechem has always been a pioneer in providing Bentonite Powder with several properties like Hydration, swelling, Viscosity etc. These properties make our product valuable for a wide range of uses and applications. 

Technical Specifications:

  • Bentonite is known for its ability to absorb water and expand in volume, which makes it useful in many applications. 
  • It is commonly used in drilling fluids for oil and gas wells, as it helps to stabilize the borehole and prevent collapse. 
  • It is also used in the construction industry as a sealant for dams, tunnels, and other structures.
  • Bentonite is a type of clay mineral that is composed mainly of montmorillonite, a hydrated aluminum silicate. 
  • It is found in deposits around the world and has a range of industrial and commercial uses.
  • The composition of bentonite can vary depending on the location and geological conditions where it is found. 
  • However, it typically contains around 60-80% montmorillonite, as well as other minerals such as quartz, feldspar, and volcanic glass.
  • Bentonite is used as a filler in Pharmaceuticals and due to its absorption functions, allows paste formation. 
  • It is most famously used as an absorbing agent in mask and cosmetics. 
  • It is used as a binder in iron ore pelletizing, as a clarifying agent in the production of wine and beer, and as a filler in paper, paints, and cosmetics.

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